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J.B. Andrew

American Mustang
Carissa, one of my students, and Andy in the river.
One of my favorite pictures of him!

Nikko of Noble

2004 Friesian Gelding
Sire: Wander - Dam: Hanke

USDF Open Fourth Level Championships - 5th
RMDS Open Fourth Level Championships - 4th
FHANA Fourth Level All Breed Award - First!

Owner: Michelle Guest, 2006 - 2013
2013 Earned the FHANA Predicate for Third Level
USDF Third Level Open placed 6th out of 11
RMDS Third Level Open placed 4th out of 9.

Kelly & Nikko featured in Janet Foy's 2012 book
"Dressage for the Not-So-Perfect Horse"

2012 Thank You to Kelly Boyd
2012 showing Third Level scoring a 65%
2011 RMDS Second Level Open Championships - 4th place 62.9%
2010 FHANA I.B.O.P. Suitability Test - Riding Ranked 2nd in the World - 81.5%
Friesian Horse Association of North America - Ranked 8th

Knyghtwinds Electra

Shown by: Hailey Davis

Owner: Gwynn Dunn
Welsh Cob Mare

2015 USEF Dressage Seat Medal Finals - 12th
Lamplight Equestrian Center, Wayne IL

Siena Sky

Shown by: Hailey Davis

Owner: Lucy Miesel
Hannoverian Mare

2015 RMDS Championship Second Level JR/YR 4th

USDF JR/YR First Level Championships 4th - 60.03
RMDS YR First Level Championships 4th - 60.806%
USDF Dressage Seat Semi-Finals 3rd - 74%, alternate for the 2015 Dressage Seat Finals
Reserve Champion JR/YR First Level Boulder Valley Chapter and 7th Open at First Level range 52%- 70%

Razzle Dazzle

Owner: Kendra Edmondson
2008 Oldenburg Gelding

2015 RMDS Championship Second Level JR/YR 3rd

USDF JR/YR First Level Championships 7th - 62.74%
RMDS YR First Level Championships 5th - 60.726%

2013 Dressage Seat Equitation 3rd place with a 75%
USDF Training Level JR/YR 6th out of 10
RMDS Championships Training Level JR/YR 3rd out of 5

Acute Velocity

Owner: Brooke Bolen
Thoroughbred Mare

RMDS Thoroughbred Horse of the Year Champion Award
RMDS Championship JR/YR First Level 9th out of 16 - 63.5%

USDF JR/YR Training Level Championships 5th - 63.467
RMDS JR/YR Training Level Champion 67.5%

Owner: Eileen Claffy

Qualified for RMDS Championships at Fourth Level
2013 showed Third Level
Earned 2012 USDF Bronze Medal
2009 RMDS Championship Training/First Level 5th place
Earned USDF First Level Performance Certificate
Placed 28th out of 54 with RMDS at First Level-Median 63.8%

Rehabbing Figaro Article

Avangeline RH

Owner: Michaela Schenk
2007 Trakehner Mare
Sire: In Petto - Dam: Alisha (out of Friedensfuerst)

USEF Dressage Seat Medal Finals - 7th

Third Level riding Figaro - owner Eileen Claffy
Earned USDF Bronze Medal
USDF JR/YR Third Level Championships - 3rd
RMDS YR Third Level Championships - 5th

2013 Winner of the Dressage Seat Semifinals with an 88%
USDF Second Level JR/YR placed 3rd out of 4
RMDS Second Level JR/YR placed 6th out of 7

2012 RMDS Young Rider Champion 65.403%
RMDS First Level Jr/Yr 5th Place
2011 RMDS Show Results:
Champion 3-5 year old Material Class - 72.50%
Training Level Young Riders Champion 65.80%
Reserve Champion Junior Young Rider Overall
Training Level Open 1oth Overall

2011 Many Thanks To Our Trainer, Kelly Boyd!

Indian Harvest

Owner: Jane Fliesbach
2001 Appendix Quarter Horse Gelding

2013 USDF Training Level 9th out of 17
RMDS Training Level 8th out of 11

2011 RMDS Training Level Adult Amateur Championships - 5th Place 64.8%Median score 65.357% / 9th out of 22 Adult Amateur
2013 RMDS Quarter Horse Of The Year

HS Varado

Owner: Virginia Williams
2006 Hungarian Warmblood Gelding


Shown by: Hailey Davis

Owners: Kate & Jeff
Thoroughbred Mare 16yr old

2013 Winner of the Thoroughbred Incentive Program High Point Award
2013 Dressage Seat Semifinals placed 7th with a 64%
RMDS First Level JR/YR 4th place

Michaela Schenk and Hailey Davis at the 2013 RMDS Award Banquet


Shown by: Hailey Davis

Owner: Michaela Schenk
2012 Results:
Won the PS American Girl Award
RMDS Training Pony Level Champion
3rd in the RMDS Training Level Championships
Hailey scored Sterling's highest score - 74%


Shown by: Kelly Boyd

Owners: Kate & Jeff
Gelding - 4yr old
2012 shown by Kelly in Training Level scoring in the mid 60's; Augie is only 4 and started his training 8mths prior

Koweta Marhaabuck

Owner: Patricia Weed
2009 Half-Arabian Gelding
Sire: Marhaabaa - Dam: Lemon With A Twist
2011 Reserve Champion- Arabian/Half-Arabian Region 8 Regionals

2011 Arabians for the Cure In-Hand Geldings 2yrs Total Score 73.950%. Highest In-Hand Score of the Show
Handler: Vicki Borrelli, Coach: Kelly Boyd

Wish List

Owner: Carol Weber
Gelding - 23yr old
Qualified for the RMDS Championships with scores in the 60's


Owner: Emma Staley
1999 Swedish Warmblood Gelding
Sire: Master - Dam: Cicinette
2011 Showed Training Level


Owner: Jody Baumgartner
2006 Oldenburg Mare
Sire: Royal Prince - Dam: Fame

RMDS 2011 Training Level Open 11th overall

2010 Show Results: Champion 3-5 year old Material Class with RMDS - 76.40%

Click here to view Rosetta featured on Hilltop Farm's website


Owner: Michaela Schenk
Gelding - Sire: - Dam:


Reagan by the River

Owner: Carolyn Carnie
2001 Oldenburg Mare
Sire: Riverman

2010 Show Results: Shown at 1st Level scoring consistently in the mid-60's- Owner: Gwynn L. Glasscock


Owner: Dennis Law
Lago was the Grand Prix schoolmaster who taught me so much!

Opus 96

Owner: Kelly Boyd
Oldenburg Gelding by Rampal
Median 2007 RMDS 64.195%, placed 28th out of 60
2009 Prix Caprilli Class

Harmony's FX

Owner: Harmony Sporthorses
Hannovarian Gelding

2005 RMDS Median 73.077%

Bad Leroy Brown +\

Owner: Patricia Weed
Arabian Gelding

2001 RMDS Arabian High Point Award

Mochaa Parfait

Owner: Patricia Weed
Half-Arabian/Pinto Mare

2006 RMDS Median 66.481%

2001 Arabian & Half-Arabian Nationals Top Ten First Level, placed 4th out of 42

Goetz Grace

Owner: Debbie King
Half-Arabian Mare

2007 RMDS Median 70.175% In-Hand

2006 Arabian & Half-Arabian Nationals Sport Horse Nationals Top Ten Mares In Hand


Owner: Kelly O'Leary
Morgan Gelding


Owner: Jan Jaspers
American Warmblood Gelding

Trained from 2nd Level to PSG in 4 years

Percheron Gelding

At the time of the photo, he was the tallest horse alive. I think we wear the same size shoe!

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